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Future prospects of graphene

The appearance of graphene is expected to bring surprises to our lives. Mobile phones can be recharged“ seconds” Mobile phone screens can be easily bent or even folded, cars can use graphene conductive static tires to avoid friction and electrification causing deflagration&hellip&hellip From aerospace, electronic information to energy conservation and environmental protection, using the characteristics of graphene, it is likely to have great changes in many fields.

Replacing silicon with graphene can improve the performance of electronic chips. Researchers are now introducing the production and application of graphene into the semiconductor industry. The technological revolution triggered by graphene is likely to start with our common small chips.

The basic material of electronic chips is silicon. However, with the increase of component density on the chip, the distance between the two components on the top chip is less than 10 nanometers, almost reaching the limit of silicon material. What should I do if I want to continue to improve my performance? Researchers began to try to partially replace the role of silicon with graphene.

&In theory, the frequency of devices made of graphene can reach 10 times or even 100 times that of silicon, which can be applied to radar and greatly improve the resolution of radar. And it is widely used in communication and imaging& In addition, the R&D and production equipment of graphene are the same as that of ordinary semiconductor equipment, and the existing technology development can be based on mature equipment and technology, laying the foundation for subsequent engineering development.

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