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Graphitization furnace charging process

The production of graphitizing furnace includes charging, power transmission, cooling, discharging, furnace cleaning, furnace repair and furnace charging. A cycle usually takes 11-15 days. However, the transmission time is only 40~100 hours. To make full use of the transformer, 5~8 boilers need to be used in turn. One transformer is combined with 5~8 boilers, with multiple operation modes, and circulating production to ensure the continuous operation of the power supply device. The circulating operation diagram of each graphitizing furnace is as follows:

The fixed side wall is generally made of refractory bricks, and an exhaust hole shall be reserved at a certain distance so that the flue gas in the furnace core can be discharged smoothly during power transmission. The side wall made of refractory bricks has good thermal insulation effect and longer service life, but the cost is high.

It can be seen from the above figure that there is one graphitizing furnace in each group in power operation, and other furnace rooms are in the process of waiting for power on, furnace loading, cooling, furnace unloading, furnace cleaning, minor repair, etc. Each link must be completed within the specified time to ensure the smooth progress of graphitization production.

Configuration of graphitization furnace and power supply device

Generally speaking, large-capacity furnaces have high thermal efficiency, good quality and low energy consumption, but large one-time investment and high basic electricity costs. If the transformer capacity, voltage range and unit core power allow, the longer the effective furnace length of graphitization furnace is, the more economical it is. Because after the furnace is lengthened, the resistance of the furnace core increases, and the corresponding electrical and thermal efficiency increases. But the furnace is too long, so the power of the power supply transformer needs to be increased. Generally, the furnace length is limited by the width of the workshop, which is more than 30 meters, and the workshop construction cost is high. Production experience has proved that when selecting furnace capacity, it is generally necessary to consider the matching with the selected transformer. The principles that are often followed are:

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