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Global storage distribution of graphite

Graphite for functional material development: develop high-purity graphite, isostatic pressure graphite, fluorinated graphite, silicified graphite, sealing materials, graphite heat dissipation/conductive materials, polymer composites, etc. It is applied to the fields of electronics, new energy, national defense and military industry.

Graphite is recognized as a strategic mineral resource. Graphite processing and product consumption are closely related to a country's industrial development and technological level. What is the global output of graphite? Which fields are mainly used? What is the annual import and export volume of graphite in China? Understanding the production and consumption status of graphite can better grasp the development direction of graphite industry.

1. Global graphite output

Graphite is a non-renewable resource, and some developed countries also have graphite deposits. However, developed countries, taking into account their non-renewable, strategic and environmental costs of mining, regard their graphite resources as strategic resource reserves, restrict mining and import them to developing countries at low prices.

China is the largest graphite producer, accounting for 69% of the world's total output, so it can basically be said that China's graphite output directly determines the world's graphite output.

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